Confidence is sensed when you walk in the room, and so is the lack of it


In order to succeed it takes a certain amount of confidence. Let’s think about this, before any great musician, or dancer, or doctor became the best in their field they had to place a certain of amount of confidence in themselves in order to believe they could.

3 Confidence Boosters

Go the extra mile: Take some extra time in the morning when you get dress, where you have to say to yourself before anyone else gets a chance, “You look good!” Don’t always look for validation from others to like your look, when you love it, that love radiates and people can feel your confidence in yourself and they too will love it.

Be prepared: Jennifer Lopez once noted that she is insecure when she isn’t prepared. When you aren’t prepared for your tasks you aren’t at your very best. You feel inferior to the others around you whom are more knowledgeable. You aren’t as confident as you would be if you were prepared and eventually it shows.

Fake it until you make it: You can’t prepare for every single thing or know every single thing you should know. But even if you don’t, show a little confidence in your voice, people will most likely believe you or respect you for not cracking under pressure when you didn’t know something. As the saying goes dazzle them with brilliant or bethel them with BS (Bull sh*t).

It won’t hurt to try.


“I’m getting ready to go to the next level in my life.” -T.D Jakes

I'm getting ready to go to the next level in my life. -T.D Jakes

I’m getting ready to go to the next level in my life.
-T.D Jakes

We all envision this “type of life” we want for ourselves and when that vision doesn’t turn out the way we imagined we settle. Forgetting we have the power to change our circumstances. It is possible that we all live the life we imagined.

Writer and Bishop T.D jakes said something in his sermon “Still Friends”, that is a true eye opener. He talks about why God takes things away, and how we don’t understand why at the time but it’s often for something bigger to come along.

We don’t have the strength to let go ourselves, because we have settled and became satisfied with the life in front of us when God has more for us. T.D jakes explains from God’s point of view, “I saw you getting satisfied and I have much more for you. And in order to get you to the next level, I had to cut what you’d been connected to, open you up and make you more valuable…. and put into your life what you need to have.”

To whole-heartedly feel like you are out of place in your life is miserable, but you can slowly work toward the life you want. If there is no interest in your major, change it to something you can see yourself during for the rest of your life. Don’t like your job, find another, it’s easier to get a job when you already have one. JUST KNOW YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE THE CHANGES, you just have to believe it!

Will the real Eric Thomas please stand up?!

A remarkable story by Eric Thomas, life changing motivation is what this is. Watch it as many times as you need to. Thomas lets us know we have to want our success; no one can want it for us. Thomas being homeless to becoming a college graduates now going to get his PHD.

Video Hightlights:
“To be able at any moment, to sacrifice who you are for what you will become.”-E.T
“The time you use on your cell phone, you can use to be successful, when your cell phone brings you nothing but a bill.” -E.T
“When you want to be successful as bad as you want to breathe, then you’ll be successful”. –E.T
“Pain is temporary… At the end of pain is success”-E.T