Always find a way

No matter how many times you stop, take a break, or get derailed just always come back to what you love. Success awaits those who never give up always find a way.

The greats had to start where you are, remember that,


Video: Tyler Perry’s Recipe for Success

Tyler Perry’s Success Story.

Take 4 minutes 36 seconds out of your day to listen to Tyler Perry’s story about success. Even if you have no interest in him, just listen to his story and advice. He is giving away the recipe for success! It just may be what you’ve needed to hear.
Who is Tyler Perry? Homeless guy turned actor, author, screen/playwright, producer, director and songwriter. He has earned 105 million just last year, and continues to sore in the entertainment industry.

Perry’s overall message is narrowing your focus to one idea, and giving that one idea you’re all and never stopping. Then that one idea will eventually open up the rest of your ideas.

Tyler Perry’s Video Highlights: “In order to get there (successful), you cannot stop believing in anyway, no matter what anybody says. You have to know it beyond knowing it… “
“It is a feeling (belief)…When something is for you…there is a feeling that is deep down inside you that will not allow you to let it go. It will keep you going when you can’t even keep yourself going. “
“…Tyler Perry’s studio is a place where even dreams believe.”
“There are so many people who go in so many directions, this week their doing this, next week their doing that, next week their doing this… those kinds of people are all over the place I usually try to get them to focus. Focus on one thing, put all of your energy into watering one area.”
“I would not stop believing!”
“Focus on one thing. Make it your priority. And stick with it.”