Staying In Your OWN Lane!



Let’s stress the importance of staying in your own LANE, meaning worrying less about what other people has going on, because the successes or failures of others benefit you. On their accolades they aren’t going to mention you as a contributor just for being a witness to watching them succeed, so learn to focus on you and stay in your own lane. But know when it’s necessary to go into others lane  because it takes some switching of lanes to get a head sometimes. Switching lanes is networking and knowing when to ask for help; so someone can let you in their lane. Find the right lanes to switch into because switching over in others lanes don’t always get you ahead but don’t be afraid not too, because a leap of faith is needed when moving forward. 



Who is that person that challenges you to get up and move forward?

Let's move forward together..

Let’s move forward together..

Have someone in mind? If so, keep them around. And if you don’t we at BNS are here for you.Let’s move forward together! Moving forward daily is key. You don’t have to take big leaps everyday, as long as you make a single step everyday. Take your time and make sure you are making the right steps in your life.

Note: At the end of your day, we should be able to say because of what we did today we are a step closer to where we’re going in life.

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We want to know you favorite song! So tell us…

Fav song

What is a song that gives you chills, makes you happy, makes you sad, changes your mood, moves you? YOUR FAVORITE SONG!

That one song that you connect to so much, it is so relatable that it becomes your song and for a moment it is your song, your story, your life. It radiates through your body.

Do you know why your favorite song is your favorite song???

We at BNS, want to hear!

We salute you, Sean “Diddy” Combs (Salute Wednesdays)

We salute Sean "Diddy" Combs for a career of longevity and new deals.

We salute Sean “Diddy” Combs for a career of longevity and new deals.

Music mogul Sean “Diddy” Combs has decided to conquer another industry; the television industry. Starting a channel called Revolt TV, dedicated to the music lovers. Comb’s career of longevity after 20 plus years is still relevant and forever present. He continues to do what he imagines he can do. Starting a network is huge, and he is to be applauded for his accomplishes. He is an example of truly ambitious and courageous. We Salute You.

Why is there a Kardashian Empire?

Why there is a kardashian empire? Kris Jenner momager...

Why there is a kardashian empire? Kris Jenner momager…

The Kardashian name brings about controversial topic because of how the family became to be the famous “Keeping up with the Kardashians” (Kim K and Ray J Sex tape), but the Kardashians wouldn’t be famous if the world didn’t support them; many buy their products, and have tuned into their show once or twice. But Kris “Mother Kardashian” Jenner is a GENIUS! She took what could have been her daughter Kim Kardashian’s downfall and turned it into a triumph for the entire family.

There isn’t many industries that the Kardashian’s haven’t touched; Fashion, Make-up, television, movies, etc. All six of Jenner’s children are millionaires with help from her their momager (mom/manager). How the Kardashians came about isn’t the idea way to earn fame and fortune, but what is notable is how they turned what could been a catastrophic event for the family into a benefit. In no way are we condoning doing “whatever it takes to reach the top” but we are indeed saying see the best in every situation in your life. Everyone makes mistakes but everyone has the CHOICE to let it destroy them or they can see the best in the situation. So which will you do?

Fun fact: In 2012 E! Network and the Kardashians signed a 40 million dollars contract for three more years of their show “Keeping up with the Kardashians”, reported by making history as the most profitable deal in reality T.V history.