Kanye West’s New Video: ‘Bound 2’ featuring Kim Kardashian

He premiered his new music video right on Ellen\’s show. Here it is, exclusively on Ellentv.com!

via Kanye West’s New Video: ‘Bound 2’.

Kim K and Kanye West in his new video 'Bound 2'.

Kim K and Kanye West in his new video ‘Bound 2’.

The controversial Kanye and Kim kiss in his new video ‘Bound 2’, Kanye is very serious about Kim after even asking that the president to stop talking about his baby mother. The president of the United States of America that is. On a radio station this week he said, “Well, uh, I think he shouldn’t mention my baby mama’s name, because we both from Chicago. And you know . . . ” After he interrupted interviewer who said, “Just leave Michelle [Obama] alone Ye, leave Michelle alone.”(President Obama’s wife Michelle). Kanye has the right to want to protect his family, but he seems like he doesn’t know which lines not to cross.

The couple is the talk of the nation with even having their engagement make the news, and whether its good or bad publicity they still are making money. The video is sure to be a trending top, which gives us a Bonnie & Clyde feel. Where Kim is on Kanye’s motorcycle riding off with him. And as he says the part, “One good girl is worth a thousand bitches” the screen goes to him and Kim again. (Right on time to get the message across).